Dynamics 365 “No Duplicates”

Van mark@markdehaan.nl

Everbody who uses duplication detection knows that if a user click on save, while there is a duplication detected. the record is saved and a duplicated record is created. So the question was, is there an option in Dynamics 365 Customer engangement that will forbid to create a duplicated record.

Offcourse there is: it’s called “keys”. In a entitity a key can be added, this key can be made out of one field. Or can be combined with several fields from this entity.

When you want to use a lookup field in the key? a concatenated field has to be made. A synchronous workflow can concatenate the look up fields to a new text field, and this text field can be used in the key.

When a record is made with the same fields whom are defined in the key, an error will pop up,  that a duplicate record cannot be made.


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