• CRM 2016: Customer field on any entity

    Several-out-of-the-box entities in Dynamics CRM (including Case, Lead, and opportunity) contain a field that represents a customer, which can either be an Account or a Contact. In CRM, these fields have the Customer data type, which is a special kind of lookup field for these two specific entities. Previously, system customizers couldn’t add a Customer field to their own entities.

  • CRM 2016: signature in e-mail

    For several years we’re used to have an default e-mail signature, even to use several signatures in case we use different languages. Finally Microsoft decided to built a default signature in in Dynamics CRM. From the spring wave release you can find the email signature in the personal options. you can use formatted text and

  • CRM 2016, Spring Wave: Mobile app, graphic controls

    Maybe you’ve seen this great visual sliders in the new mobile app for Dynamics CRM 2016 spring wave edition. How will you to get those! The app had a big improvement in the last release. Now instead of an apart form, the default form of the entity will be used on the mobile app. So no

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