• Navigation and dashboards in the Dynamics Sales hub

    Navigation First things that you will notice on the Sales hub is the different look than the normal web based UI. Where the web based UI is one long form, with the HUB interactive UI MSFT brings back the tabs from CRM2011. The new timeline with the graphics within and the navigation bar on the

  • Dynamics 365 “No Duplicates”

    Everbody who uses duplication detection knows that if a user click on save, while there is a duplication detected. the record is saved and a duplicated record is created. So the question was, is there an option in Dynamics 365 Customer engangement that will forbid to create a duplicated record. Offcourse there is: it’s called

  • CRM 2016: Customer field on any entity

    Several-out-of-the-box entities in Dynamics CRM (including Case, Lead, and opportunity) contain a field that represents a customer, which can either be an Account or a Contact. In CRM, these fields have the Customer data type, which is a special kind of lookup field for these two specific entities. Previously, system customizers couldn’t add a Customer field to their own entities.

  • CRM 2016: signature in e-mail

    For several years we’re used to have an default e-mail signature, even to use several signatures in case we use different languages. Finally Microsoft decided to built a default signature in in Dynamics CRM. From the spring wave release you can find the email signature in the personal options. you can use formatted text and

  • CRM 2016, Spring Wave: Mobile app, graphic controls

    Maybe you’ve seen this great visual sliders in the new mobile app for Dynamics CRM 2016 spring wave edition. How will you to get those! The app had a big improvement in the last release. Now instead of an apart form, the default form of the entity will be used on the mobile app. So no

  • Icon on Case views, from case origin

    The icon from the case origin can be shown in the view of cases. To view the icon, the “caseorigincode” field must be set as column in the view. This icons can be changed according to the values in the Global option set: “Case Origin” To change these icons: If the customization prefix for the solution publisher

  • Templates and authorization

    Email templates and document templates cannot be assigned to another user, but are owned by the person who has made these (or imported these). When you use organizational based templates and using an authorization role for the Templates where the read privilege is not set toe organization, some templates will not be visible. There are

  • Registrating a Case for a Lead.

    Hi, Normally a case can only be registered to a customer being an account or Contact. This will normally do the trick since you know the customer, when he registering a case. But in some organizations there are thousands of leads and they don’t want to combine the leads with contacts or accounts. The solution it then

  • een nieuw record toevoegen of bestaand record toevoegen in een Subgrid.

      In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, als u een record toevoegt aan een subgrid op een formulier, klikt u op de + –knop in de rechter bovenhoek. U zult opmerken dat voor sommige subgrids u een opzoekveld krijgt terwijl anderen u een nieuw record gaat aanmaken. De reden voor deze verschillende gedrag is dat de nieuwe

  • Internet Facing Deployment voor Dynamics CRM

    Er zijn al veel blogs geschreven over Hoe IFD moet worden ingesteld. En hoe het gaat werken. Maar er is weinig te vinden waarom je IFD gebruikt, en wat voor alternatieven er zijn. Mijn stelregel voor gebruik van IFD: Als je CRM user (licentiehouder) wilt inloggen in CRM, maar niet op je eigen domein zit.

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