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Mark de Haan

About me

Enjoy your day as if it is your last day on earth

Enjoying life is my greatest luck. I lost my parents in my twenties. So I figured better to enjoy life now, than wait.

Always short on time, 

I have a lot of hobbies, so short on time to practise all

Family Life

I met my girlfriend in 2008, and moved in with Anneloes, Eva and Suus in 2011, since then we are a family. 

Cars /Racing

Every year i go to the 24 hours of Le mans, and i follow the Formule 1 on TV. But the greatest joy is to drive my own cabrio: Mazda MX5


Fitness, Cycling on a racingbike, tennis and sometime running. 


Normal every day cooking, but an Indonesian dinerparty or making my own italian pasta. I love to cook.

and more….

Since my youth i gatter all kind of gadgets, back in the days i put 6 powerstrips togehter. But now i love domotica, and other gadgets. view my collection of communication devices.


I love to photograph, below is part of my work, i have a lot more…

Organizing events

I love organizing events, for Work: the yearly parties and the Macaw VNMC (one weekend somewhere in Europe with about 250 colleagues), but also involved as a voltueer for a yearly 3-day festival in my hometown: Strandwalfestival

Reading / watching series or movies / listen to music

Well if i’m not doing the things i allready mentioned, then i love to read, novels or magazines, watch some netflix or Kodi or listen to some music.


I love to take photo’s, I got my first camera when i was 8. At the age of 12 i saved money till i got my own SLR, next step was my own darkroom to develop pictures, mainly black and white. Even some days I want to become a professional

photographer, but that was a step too far. So I took this as one of my hobbies.

© 2021 Mark de Haan

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